Client Reviews

“When I got picked up for robbery 1st and armed criminal action I thought I was finished. Jill fought to prove my innocence and got the case dismissed. I went from facing life to being a free man.She literally saved my life. Real talk. Out of all the lawyers I called, Jill Schaefer was the only one who came to see me in the jail for a consultation. She was able to work out an affordable payment plan with my family.”

-Criminal Defense Client


“I had a felony charge and was released on an O.R. bond. I then missed my court date and had a Failure to Appear charge slapped on me and a new warrant issued. I was arrested and sent to the MSI in saint Louis. Jill worked with me and I made a payment to her and she got my O.R. bond reinstated that very same day. She has kept me in the loop regarding all the legal proceedings and has been very courteous and professional.”



“If there was an adjective for the fusion of candor, hard work, dedication, and legal knowledge It would be called Jill Schaefer. Her relationships in the legal community combined with her experience resulted in an optimum outcome for my case. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for an honest lawyer to advocate zealously for your interests. I can’t thank her enough and their are no words in the dictionary that can accurately transcribe what she has done for me. I can only hope that this review provides an accurate representation for of how much help she can provide to anyone who needs it.”

-Criminal Defense Client


“I would recommend Jill Schaefer as your first choice when looking for an attorney. She is a highly effective attorney who cares for her clients. Jill is very thorough in the whole legal process and makes sure you understand everything that is going on. She has helped me in more than one case and each outcome was exceptional. If you want a reliable, hardworking, trustworthy attorney then Jill Schaefer is the attorney for you.”



“I have retained Jill Schaefer for several matters, and she has always been professional, reliable, and responsive to my concerns. I was thoroughly pleased with the final outcome in each case. I can’t recommend Jill highly enough. If I’m ever in the unfortunate position of needing a fighter on my side again, Jill is the first person I’ll call.”

-Criminal Defense Client


“Having used Jill legal services was simple, and easy. She made working through a minor violation a simple transaction. In addition she gave me some other useful legal counsel for a brother-in-law of mine with much more serious legal concerns.”



“Jill was attentive, trustworthy, and knowledgable. I would recommend her. Easy to talk to and related to me well.”



“I highly recommend the professional services of Jill Schaefer. She assisted me in resolving a legal violation. Though the incident was minor, the effort required to resolve it was not. Jill worked hard on my behalf to negotiate a deal with a difficult prosecuting attorney that just did not want to budge. The overall negotiation process took multiple continuations and several months as Jill pushed and played hardball on my behalf. During the entire process, Jill kept me informed and let me know what was happening every step of the way. She also kept me apprised of the strategies being used to negotiate. When there were actions I need to take to help resolve, Jill walked me through the steps and was readily available to answer questions. In all, it was a great experience working with Jill. If I again find myself in the unfortunate position of needing a criminal lawyer, Jill Schaefer will be my first call.”



“Attorney Jill Schaefer was my attorney involving a traffic citation. She was very capable, attentive, responsive, and professional.”