St. Louis Criminal Defense Attorney Jill Schaefer

St. Louis Criminal Defense Attorney Jill SchaeferEducation

J.D., University of Missouri School of Law

B.A., English and Art History, University of Missouri


Ms. Schaefer started her legal career in 1997 and has practiced criminal law exclusively for the last 21 years. After graduating law school, Ms. Schaefer practiced criminal defense in rural Missouri, where she specialized in methamphetamine manufacturing cases. She has experience representing clients on everything from misdemeanors to murder.

In 2006, Ms. Schaefer established her law firm, Jill Schaefer LLC, in St. Louis County. She has earned a reputation as a tough and skilled advocate, often receiving dismissals or acquittals in seemingly unwinnable cases. Her practice is based on three fundamental principals:

Empathy for the Client: Ms. Schaefer understands that being charged with a crime is one of the most stressful experiences a person can go through. This is true not only for the client, but also for his or her family. Ms. Schaefer considers helping clients and their families cope during the legal process one of the most important aspects of her practice. She provides every client with her personal cell phone number.

Knowing the System: Ms. Schaefer is well respected by prosecutors, judges, and probation officers alike. When she talks, they listen. Her reputation allows her to obtain results that other attorneys cannot, whether it is getting a client out on bond, convincing a judge to grant probation rather than prison, or persuading a prosecutor to dismiss a case.

Fighting to Win: The United States criminal justice system is an adversarial one: the client is up against the state. Ms. Schaefer considers it her duty to level the playing field by fighting for each client with true grit and tenacity.